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Elevate Your Aesthetic Practice: Advanced Techniques by Sara Arora


A teaching course for existing Aestheticians  to enhance their skills and business practices which is highly valuable. It will focus on improving work ethic, offering combined treatments, increasing revenue, and providing excellent customer service which is a comprehensive and effective strategy. By teaching them the "Sara Arora way," you'll be offering a unique and personalized approach to success in the industry. This course could greatly benefit aestheticians looking to take their careers to the next level.

In addition to enhancing their skills and business practices, the course will also provide valuable tips and innovative ideas to help aestheticians thrive in the industry. This comprehensive approach will equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to excel and succeed in their careers.

"I can bring this invaluable training right to the comfort of their own clinic. This way, aestheticians can learn and implement these strategies in the familiar environment of their workspace, ensuring seamless integration and immediate application of the techniques taught."


This course for one day is £1600

The course is initially designed for one day, but there's an option to extend it to two days for a more in-depth assessment and to provide further instruction based on your working style. The additional two-day option comes at a cost of £2399. This extended program allows for a more comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for the aestheticians.

2 day course £2399

Aesthetic Mastery for Clinics & Spas: The Sara Arora Approach

"I also offer the same comprehensive course for established clinics and spas. During this two-day program, I'll work closely with your team to enhance various aspects including Customer Service, treatment techniques, client retention, and acquisition strategies. We'll delve deep into refining Customer Service and treatment methodologies, and I'll personally assess their work. Additionally, I'll introduce them to the 'Sara Arora way' of work ethic, providing a unique and effective approach to success in the industry. This program is tailored to the number of aestheticians currently working in your clinics or spas. I'll personally oversee their work, assess their performance, and provide guidance to help them excel in their roles."

This course starts at £3500






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